Andrew Klavan
Scott Weiss, an ex-cop owner of Weiss Investigations, and Jim Bishop, an operative at Weiss Investigations with a penchant for violence and a mysterious military past, in San Francisco, California:

Dynamite Road (2003)

Shotgun Alley (2005)

Damnation Street (2006)

Cameron Winter, a former spy for a covert government entity called the Division, now an English professor at a Midwestern university:

When Christmas Comes (2021) [review]

A Strange Habit of Mine (2022)

The House of Love and Death (2023) [review]


Face of the Earth (1980)

Agnes Mallory (1985)

Don’t Say A Word (1991)
Finalist 1992 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Animal Hour (1993)

Corruption (1994)

True Crime (1995)
Finalist 1996 Anthony Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1995 Hammett Prize

The Uncanny (1998)

Hunting Down Amanda (1999)

Man and Wife (2001)

Empire of Lies (2008)

The Identity Man (2010)

A Killer in the Wind (2013)

Werewolf Cop (2015)

The Homelander YA thriller series, with a Christian tinge:

The Last Thing I Remember (2009)

The Long Way Home (2010)

The Truth of the Matter (2010)

The Final Hour (2011)

Non-series thrillers for young adults, with a Christian tinge:

If We Survive (2012)
Finalist 2013 Thriller Award for Best Young Adult

Crazy Dangerous (2012)

Nightmare City (2013)

Other fiction:

Son of Man (1988)

Darling Clementine (1988)

Written as Margaret Tracy (joint pseudonym of Andrew and Laurence Klavan)

Mrs. White (1983)
1984 Edgar Award for Best Paperback


Written as Keith Peterson
John Wells, a middle-aged muckraking journalist determined to expose New York City corruption:

The Trapdoor (1988)
Finalist 1989 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

There Fell a Shadow (1988)

The Rain (1988)
1990 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Rough Justice (1989)
Finalist 1990 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

Written as Keith Peterson

The Scarred Man (1990)


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