Michael Kilian
Harrison Raines, a Pinkerton spy during America’s Civil War:

Murder at Manassas (2000)

A Killing at Ball's Bluff (2001)

The Ironclad Alibi (2002)

A Grave at Glorieta (2003)

The Shiloh Sisters (2004)

Antietam Assassins (2005)

Bedford Green, an art gallery owner and his assistant Sloan Smith, in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York:

The Weeping Woman (2001)

The Uninvited Countess (2002)

A Sinful Safari (2003)


The Valkyrie Project (1981)

Northern Exposure (1983)

Blood of the Czars (1984)

By Order of the President (1986)

Dance on a Sinking Ship (1988)

Looker (1991)

The Last Virginia Gentlemen (1992)

The Big Score (1993)

Deepkill (2005)

Written as Rex Dancer
Andy Derain, a burned out New York fashion photographer, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Jazz Age mysteries:

Bad Girl Blues (1994)

Postcard from Hell (1995)

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