Sarah Graves

Jacobia Tiptree, a onetime financial advisor to the Mob, now living in Eastport, Maine, in the Home Repair Is Homicide mysteries:

Dead Cat Bounce (1997)

Triple Witch (1999)

Wicked Fix (2000)

Repair to Her Grave (2001)

Wreck the Halls (2001)

Unhinged (2003)

Mallets Aforethought (2004)

Tool & Die (2004)

Nail Biter (2005)

Trap Door (2006)

The Book of Old Houses (2007)

A Face at the Window (2008)

Crawlspace (2009)

Knockdown (2011)

Dead Level (2012)

A Bat in the Belfry (2013)

Lizzie Stone, a transfer from Boston to the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department in Bearkill, Maine:

Winter at the Door (2015)

The Girls She Left Behind (2016)

Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree (from the Home Repair Is Homicide series) and her best friend Ellie, running a waterfront bake shop, The Chocolate Moose, in the island fishing village of Eastport, Maine, in the Death by Chocolate mysteries:

Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (2018)

Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake (2019)

Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut (2020)

Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle (2021)

Death by Chocolate Chip Cupcake (2022)

Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie (2023)

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