Ann Granger
Patricia Ann Granger
Alan Markby, a detective inspector, and Meredith Mitchell, a Foreign Service officer, in the Cotswolds, England:

Say It with Poison (1991)

A Season for Murder (1991)

Cold in the Earth (1992)

Murder Among Us (1992)

Where Old Bones Lie (1993)

Flowers for His Funeral (1994)

A Fine Place for Death (1994)

Candle for a Corpse (1995)

A Touch of Mortality (1996)

A Word After Dying (1996)

Call the Dead Again (1998)

Beneath These Stones (1999)

Shades of Murder (2000)

A Restless Evil (2002)

That Way Murder Lies (2004)

Fran Varady, an out-of-work actress turned private investigator, in London, England:

Asking for Trouble (1996)

Keeping Bad Company (1997)

Running Scared (1998)

Risking It All (2001)

Watching Out (2003)

Mixing with Murder (2005)

Rattling the Bones (2007)

Lizzie Martin, a companion to a wealthy widow, and her beau, Inspector Benjamin Ross, in 1860s London, England:

A Rare Interest in Corpses (2006)
APA: The Companion (2007)

A Mortal Curiosity (2008)

A Better Quality of Murder (2010)

A Particular Eye for Villainy (2012)

The Testimony of the Hanged Man (2014)

The Dead Woman of Deptford (2016)

The Murderer’s Apprentice (2019)

The Truth-Seeker’s Wife (UK due July 8, 2021)

Jess Campbell, a police inspector, and Ian Carter, the new superintendent, in the Cotswolds, England:

Mud, Muck and Dead Things (2009)

Rack, Ruin and Murder (2011)

Bricks and Mortality (2013)

Dead in the Water (2015)

Rooted In Evil (2017)

An Unfinished Murder (2018)

A Matter of Murder (2020)

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