Danielle Girard
The Rookie Club, a tight-knit band of female cops struggling for respect, in San Francisco, California:

The Rookie Club (2006)
APA: Dead Center (2014)

One Clean Shot (2012)

Dark Passage (2013)

Interference (2014)

Everything To Lose (2014)

Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman, the police department medical examiner, in San Francisco, California:

Exhume (2016)

Excise (2017)

Expose (2018)

Expire (2019)

Kylie Milliard, the only police detective, in Hagen, North Dakota, in the Badlands series:

White Out (2020)

Far Gone (2021)


Savage Art (2000)

Ruthless Game (2001)

Chasing Darkness (2002)

Cold Silence (2002)
2003 Barry Award for Best Paperback

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