Ralph Dennis
Jim Hardman, an ex-cop wrongly accused of corruption, working as an unlicensed private investigator and bodyguard, often with his drinking buddy Hump Evans, a black ex-NFL player, in Atlanta, Georgia:

Atlanta Deathwatch (1974)

The Charleston Knife’s Back in Town (1974)

The Golden Girl & All (1974)

Pimp For The Dead (1974)

Down Among the Jocks (1974)

Murder’s Not an Odd Job (1974)

Working for the Man (1974)

The Deadly Cotton Heart (1976)

The One-Dollar Rip-off (1977)

Hump’s First Case (1977)

The Last of the Armageddon Wars (1977)

The Buy Back Blues (1977)

All Kinds of Ugly (2020)
Finalist 2021 Shamus Award for Best Paperback


Deadman’s Game (1976)

Mactaggart’s War (1979)

A Talent for Killing (2019)
[Includes revised version of Deadman’s Game plus an unpublished sequel]

The Spy in a Box (2019)

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