Don DeBrandt
Don Hildebrandt

Written as Donn Cortez

Crime Scene Investigation novels:

CSI: Miami — Cult Following (2006)

CSI: Miami — Riptide (2006)

CSI: Miami — Harm for the Holidays: Misgivings (2006)

CSI: Miami — Harm for the Holidays: Heart Attack (2007)

CSI: Miami — Cut and Run (2008)

CSI: The Killing Jar (2009)

CSI: Dark Sundays (2010)

Jack Salter, a killer who hunts down serial killers:

The Closer (2004)

Remote (2011) [ebook]


The Man Burns Tonight (2005)


Written as DD Barant

Jace Valchek, an FBI profiler who hunts killers in a world where only one percent of the population is human, in the Bloodhound Files urban fantasy series:

Dying Bites (2009)

Death Blows (2010)

Killing Rocks (2010)

Better Off Undead (2011)

Back from the Undead (2012)

Undead to the World (2012)

Written as Dixie Lyle

Deirdre “Foxtrot” Lancaster, assistant to a wealthy eccentric, her reincarnated cat Tango, and Whiskey, a shape-shifting dog in the Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot paranormal mystery series:

A Taste Fur Murder (2014)

To Die Fur (2014)

Marked Fur Murder (2015)

A Deadly Tail (2016)

Purrfectly Dead (due 2016)


Written as Don DeBrandt

Other fiction and science fiction:

The Quicksilver Screen (1992)

Steeldriver (1998)

Timberjak (1999)

V.I. (2000)

Shakedown (2000)

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