Peter Cunningham
Joe Grace, a financial analyst, in Dublin, Ireland [written as Peter Benjamin]:

Terms and Conditions (2001)

High Ride (2003)


Noble Lord (1986)
[written as Peter Lauder]

All Risks Mortality (1987)

Snow Bees (1988)

The Bear’s Requiem (1989)

Hostile Bid (1991)

Who Trespass Against Us (1993)

The Taoiseach (2003)

The Trout (2016)

Acts of Allegiance (2017)

Other fiction, the Monument trilogy:

Tapes of the River Delta (1995)

Consequences of the Heart (1998)

Love in One Edition (2001)

Other fiction:

The Sea and the Silence (2008)

Capital Sins (2010)

Freedom Is a Land I Cannot See (2020)

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