Charles Cumming
Alec Milius, a young college graduate recruited by British intelligence (MI6):

A Spy by Nature (2001) [review]

The Spanish Game (2006)

Thomas Kell, a disgraced MI-6 officer, given a chance to redeem himself:

A Foreign Country (2012) [review]
2012 Steel Dagger Award
Finalist 2013 Barry Award for Best Thriller

A Colder War (2014)

A Divided Spy (2017)

Lachlan “Lockie” Kite, the operational commander of the secret Anglo-American spy unit known as BOX 88:

Box 88 (2020) [review]

Judas 62 (2021) [review]


The Hidden Man (2003)

Typhoon (2008)

The Trinity Six (2011) [review]
Finalist 2011 Steel Dagger Award

The Man Between (2018)
APA: The Moroccan Girl (2019)

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