Mindy Starns Clark
Callie Webber, a private investigator and attorney working for a mysterious philanthropist, here and there in the USA, in the Million Dollar (Christian) mysteries:

A Penny for Your Thoughts (2002)

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels (2003)

A Dime a Dozen (2003)

A Quarter for a Kiss (2004)

The Buck Stops Here (2004)

Jo Tulip, a household hints expert and amateur sleuth, her dog Chewie, and her best-friend-since-childhood, Danny Watkins, in the Smart Chick (Christian) mysteries:

The Trouble with Tulip (2005)

Blind Dates Can Be Murder (2006)

Elementary, My Dear Watkins (2007)

Non-series Christian suspense:

Whispers of the Bayou (2008)

Shadows of Lancaster County (2009)

Under the Cajun Moon (2009)

Secrets of Harmony Grove (2010)

Echoes of Titanic (2012)
[written with John Campbell Clark]

Beauty To Die For (2012)
[written with Kim Alexis]

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