Jeffrey B. Burton
Drew Cady, an ex-FBI agent, being drawn back into old cases:

The Chessman (2012)

The Lynchpin (2014)

The Eulogist (2017)

Mason “Mace” Reid, a dog trainer and his team of cadaver dogs known as The Finders, in Chicago, Illinois, in the Mace Reid K-9 mysteries:

The Finders (2020) [review]

The Keepers (2021) [review]

The Lost (2022)

Cory Pratt, running a dog training academy, and sister Crystal, a newly minted homicide detective, in Chicago, Illinois, in the Chicago K-9 thrillers:

The Dead Years (2024) [review]


Sleuth Slayer (2008) [written with Bruce W. Burton]


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