Allison Brennan
The Predator Trilogy, romantic thrillers:

The Prey (2005)

The Hunt (2006)

The Kill (2006)

The No Evil Trilogy, romantic thrillers:

Speak No Evil (2007)

See No Evil (2007)

Fear No Evil (2007)

The Prison Break Trilogy, romantic thrillers:

Killing Fear (2008)

Tempting Evil (2008)

Playing Dead (2008)

The FBI Trilogy, romantic thrillers set in Sacramento, California:

Sudden Death (2009)

Fatal Secrets (2009)

Cutting Edge (2009)

The Seven Deadly Sins supernatural thrillers:

Original Sin (2010)

Carnal Sin (2010)

Mortal Sin (2014) [ebook]

Ghostly Justice (2014) [ebook]

Lucy Kincaid, romantic thrillers:

Love Me to Death (2010)

Love Is Murder (2011)
[prequel novella, ebook]

Kiss Me, Kill Me (2011)

If I Should Die (2011)

Silenced (2012)

Stalked (2012)

Reckless (2013) [ebook novella]

Stolen (2013)

Cold Snap (2013)
Finalist 2014 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Dead Heat (2014)

Best Laid Plans (2015)

No Good Deed (2015)

The Lost Girls (2016)

Make Them Pay (2017)

Breaking Point (2018)

Too Far Gone (2018)

Nothing To Hide (2019)

Cut and Run (2020)

Cold as Ice (2020)

No Way Out (2020) [ebook]

A Deeper Fear (2021) [ebook]

Max (Maxine) Revere, an investigative reporter with her own national TV show:

Notorious (2014)

Compulsion (2015)

Poisonous (2016)

Shattered (2017)

Abandoned (2018)

Kara Quinn, a young homicide detective, and Matt Costa, a loner FBI agent, in the Mobile Response Team series:

The Third to Die (2020)

Tell No Lies (2021)

The Wrong Victim (2022)

Seven Girls Gone (2023)

Regan Merritt, a former US Marshal whose 10-year-old son was murdered, returning to Flagstaff, Arizona:

The Sorority Murder (2021)

Don’t Open the Door (2023)


Murder in the River City (2012) [ebook]

Killing Justice (2012) [ebook SS]

36 Hours (2013) [ebook]

North of Nowhere (2023)

Written with Laura Griffin
Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart, former LAPD cops, now partners in the Moreno & Hart private investigation firm, in Orange County, California:

Crash and Burn (2013) [ebook]

Hit and Run (2014) [ebook]

Frosted (2015) [ebook novella]

Lost and Found (2016) [ebook]

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