James Carlos Blake
The Wolfe crime-family sagas, ranging from New England, to the Texas borderlands, beginning in the early 19th century, in the Border Noir series:

Country of the Bad Wolfes (2012)

The Rules of Wolfe (2013)

The House of Wolfe (2015)
Finalist 2015 Gold Dagger Award

The Ways of Wolfe (2017)

The Bones of Wolfe (2020)

Non-series crime fiction and novelized crime biographies:

Red Grass River (1998)

Borderlands (1999) [SS]

A World of Thieves (2002)

Under the Skin (2003)

Handsome Harry: Or the Gangster’s True Confessions (2004)

The Killings of Stanley Ketchel (2005)

Other historical fiction:

The Pistoleer: A Novel of John Wesley Hardin (1995)

The Friends of Pancho Villa (1996)

In the Rogue Blood (1997)

Wildwood Boys (2000)

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