Harold Adams
  Carl Wilcox, ex-convict and Depression-era sign-painter in South Dakota:  

Murder (1981)

Paint the Town Red (1982)

The Missing Moon (1983)

The Naked Liar (1985)
Finalist 1986 Shamus Award for Best Novel

The Fourth Widow (1986)

The Barbed Wire Noose (1987)

The Man Who Met the Train (1988)

The Man Who Missed the Party (1989)

The Man Who Was Taller Than God (1992)
1993 Shamus Award for Best Novel

A Perfectly Proper Murder (1993)

A Way with Widows (1994)

The Ditched Blonde (1995)

Hatchet Job (1996)

The Ice Pick Artist (1997)

No Badge, No Gun (1998)
Finalist 1999 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Lead, So I Can Follow (1999)


  Kyle Champion, a former TV news anchor, now a private investigator:  

When Rich Men Die (1987)

The Fourth of July Wake (2002)


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