Connecticut Mysteries
Laurien Berenson
  • Melanie Travis: a special education teacher who shows her standard poodles in dog shows, in Connecticut

Annette Blair
  • Madeira Cutler: proprietor of a vintage clothing store in a former morgue in Mystick Falls, Connecticut, in the Vintage Magic mysteries

Joyce Christmas
  • Betty Trenka: businesswoman in Connecticut

Peg Cochran
  • Giovanna (Gigi) Fitzgerald, leaving New York City to run a gourmet shop in Woodstone, Connecticut, in the Gourmet De-Lite mysteries
Gloria Dank
  • Bernard Woodruff: curmudgeonly author of children’s books, and his brother-in-law, Arthur “Snooky” Randolph, in Connecticut

Doris Miles Disney
  • Jim O’Neill: police officer in Connecticut

Hildegarde Dolson
  • James McDougal: homicide inspector, in Wingate, Connecticut
  • Lucy Ramsdale: illustrator in Wingate, Connecticut

Richard Forrest
  • Bea Wentworth: state senator in Connecticut
  • Lyon Wentworth: children's book author in Connecticut

Ron Goulart
  • Ben Spanner and H.J. Mavity: ex-spouses in Connecticut

Andrew Gross
  • Ty Hauck: police lieutenant in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Parnell Hall
  • Cora Felton: a crossword creator with a nationally-syndicated column in Bakerhaven, Connecticut

David Handler
  • Desiree “Des” Mitry: black police detective in Dorset, Connecticut

Rosemary Harris
  • Paula Holliday: 30-ish former TV executive who opens a landscaping-gardening business in Springfield, Connecticut, in the Dirty Business mysteries

Roberta Isleib
  • Dr. Rebecca Butterman: clinical psychologist and advice columnist, in Guilford, Connecticut, in the Advice Column mysteries

Judith K. Ivie
  • Kate Lawrence: middle-aged legal secretary, later real estate agent, and amateur sleuth, in Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut
Lucille Kallen
  • C. B. Greenfield.: newspaper editor and musician in Sloan's Ford, Connecticut
  • Maggie Rome: reporter and musician, in Sloan's Ford, Connecticut

Mary Kittredge
  • Edwina Crusoe: registered nurse at Chelsea Memorial Hospital, and later a medical investigator, in New Haven, Connecticut

Jerry Labriola
  • Dr. David Brooks: part-time physician and sleuth, with a briefcase named “Friday”, based in Connecticut

Mercedes Lackey
  • Diana Tregarde: investigator of unnatural event in Hartford, Connecticut

Andrew Lanh (Ed Ifkovic)
  • Rick Van Lam: an Amerasian (Vietnamese mother & American G.I. father) insurance investigator in Hartford, Connecticut

Edwin Lanham
  • Vern Gray: police lieutenant in Connecticut

Janice Law
  • Anna Peters: reformed blackmailer and oil company researcher turned security expert in Connecticut

Steve Liskow
  • Zach Barnes: private investigator in Hartford, Connecticut

John Maxim
  • Paul Bannerman: private investigations firm owner in Westport, Connecticut

Colleen McCullough
  • Carmine Delmonico: police lieutenant in a fictional mid-1960s college town, Holloman, Connecticut

Jenn McKinlay
  • Lindsey Norris: director of the Briar Creek Public Library, in Briar Creek, Connecticut, in the Library Lover’s mysteries

Amy Patricia Meade
  • Marjorie McClelland: a smart and sassy mystery writer, and rich British expat Creighton Ashcroft, in 1930s Ridgebury, Connecticut

Liz Mugavero
  • Kristan “Stan” Connor, retreating from corporate public relations to bake organic pet treats, in fictional Frog Ledge, Connecticut, in the Pawsitively Organic series

Karen E. Olson
  • Annie Seymour: police reporter in New Haven, Connecticut

Justin Scott
  • Ben Abbott: ex-Wall Street financier turned realtor in Newbury, Connecticut

Carole B. Shmurak
  • Susan Lombardi: professor at a university in Connecticut

Ray Sipherd
  • Jonathan Wilder: bird artist in Connecticut

Hillary Waugh
  • Fred Fellows: chief of police in a small town, Stockford, Connecticut

Laura Van Wormer
  • Sally Harrington: television journalist in Connecticut

Valerie Wolzien
  • Susan Henshaw: Connecticut suburban housewife sleuth

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