Hillary Waugh
Hillary Baldwin Waugh
Frank Sessions, a homicide detective lieutenant, Manhattan North, in New York City:

30 Manhattan East (1968)

The Young Prey (1969)

Finish Me Off (1970)

Fred Fellows, chief of police in a small town, Stockford, Connecticut:

Sleep Long, My Love (1959)
APA: Jigsaw (1962)

Road Block (1960)

That Night It Rained (1961)

The Late Mrs. D. (1962)

Born Victim (1962)

Death and Circumstance (1963)

Prisoner's Plea (1963)

The Missing Man (1964)

End of a Party (1965)
Finalist 1965 Gold Dagger Award

Pure Poison (1966)

The Con Game (1968)

Sheridan Wesley, a private investigator in New York City:

Madam Will Not Dine Tonight (1947)
APA: If I Live To Dine (1949)

Hope to Die (1948)

The Odds Run Out (1949)

Simon Kaye, a private investigator in New York City:

The Glenna Powers Case (1980)

The Doria Rafe Case (1980)

The Billy Cantrell Case (1981)

The Nerissa Claire Case (1983)

The Veronica Dean Case (1984)

The Priscilla Copperwaite Case (1988)


Last Seen Wearing… (1952)

A Rag and a Bone (1954)

Rich Man, Dead Man (1956)
APA: Rich Man, Murder (1956)
APA: Case of the Brunette Bombshell (1957)

The Eighth Mrs. Bluebeard (1958)

The Girl Who Cried Woolf (1958)

Murder on the Terrace (1961)

Girl on the Run (1965)

Run When I Say Go (1969)

The Shadow Guest (1971)

Parrish for the Defense (1974)
APA: Doctor on Trial (1977)

A Bride for Hampton House (1975)

Madman at My Door (1978)

Murder on Safari (1987)

A Death in a Town (1988)

Written as Elissa Grandower

Seaview Manor (1976)

The Summer at Raven's Roost (1976)

The Secret Room of Morgate House (1977)

Blackbourne Hall (1979)

Rivergate House (1980)

Written as H. Baldwin Taylor

The Duplicate (1964)

The Triumvirate (1966)

The Trouble with Tycoons (1967)
APA: The Missing Tycoon (1967)

Written as Harry Walker

The Case of the Missing Gardener (1954)

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