Alabama Mysteries
Susan Wittig Albert
  • Miss Elizabeth Lacy and the Darling Dahlias, a garden club, in fictional 1930s Darling, Alabama

Erika Chase
  • Lizzie Turner: tutor and literacy teacher, returning to her old home town, Ashton Corners, Alabama, in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries

Stephen J. Clark
  • Nelson Ingram: a burnt-out reporter  back-digging up the dark criminal secrets that hide beneath the sleepy surface of Litchfield, Alabama

Anne George
  • Patricia Anne "Mouse" Hollowell: retired English teacher, and Mary Alice “Sister” Crane, who out-lived three husbands, in Alabama, in the Southern Sisters mysteries

Jack Kerley
  • Carson Ryde and Harry Nautilus: police detectives in Mobile, Alabama

D.P. Lyle
  • Dub Walker: former crime scene investigator and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Assessment Unit, in Huntsville, Alabama

Mary Saums
  • Jane Thistle: a British lady, and Phoebe Twigg, a Southern lady, both widows their 60s, in Tullulah, Alabama

Mike Stewart
  • Tom McInnes: a young attorney in Coopers Bend, Alabama