Michael Wiley
Joe Kozmarski, a private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois:

The Last Striptease (2007) [review]
Finalist 2008 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

The Bad Kitty Lounge (2010)

A Bad Night’s Sleep (2011)
2012 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Daniel Turner, a homicide detective in Jacksonville, Florida:

Blue Avenue (2014)

Second Skin (2015)

Black Hammock (2016)

Franky Dast, wrongly conviced of rape and murder, now released and working with the Justice Now Initiative in Jacksonville, Florida:

Monument Road (2017)
Finalist 2018 Shamus Award for Best Novel

The Long Way Out (2023)

Sam Kelson, a Chicago private investigator with two brain conditions caused by a bullet wound to the head: disinhibition (inability to lie or keep quiet when questioned) and autotopagnosia (inability to recognize his own face in the mirror):

Trouble in Mind (2020)

Lucky Bones (2020)

Head Case (2021)
Finalist 2022 Shamus Award for Best Novel

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