Josephine Tey
Elizabeth Mackintosh (real name); Gordon Daviot
Alan Grant, a Scotland Yard Inspector:

The Man in the Queue1 (1929)
APA: Killer in the Crowd (1954)

A Shilling for Candles2 (1936)

To Love and Be Wise (1950)

The Daughter of Time2 (1951)

The Singing Sands2 (1952)


Miss Pym Disposes3 (1946)

The Franchise Affair3, 4 (1949)

Brat Farrar3 (1949)
APA: Come and Kill Me (1951)

Other fiction, written as Gordon Daviot:

Kif: An Unvarnished History (1929)

The Expensive Halo (1931)

The Privateer (1952)

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