James Swain
Tony Valentine, an ex-cop investigator specializing in catching casino cheats in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Grift Sense (2001)

Funny Money (2002)

Sucker Bet (2003)

Loaded Dice (2004)

Mr. Lucky (2005)
Finalist 2006 Barry Award for Best Novel

Deadman’s Poker (2006)
Finalist 2007 Barry Award for Best Paperback

Deadman’s Bluff (2006)

Jackpot (2010) [ebook]

Wild Card (2010) [ebook, prequel]

Jack Carpenter, former head of Broward County (Florida) Missing Persons Unit, now a private investigator in south Florida:

Midnight Rambler (2007) [review]
Finalist 2008 Barry Award for Best Thriller

The Night Stalker (2008)

The Night Monster (2009)

The Program (2010) [ebook]

Billy Cunningham, a conman in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Take Down (2015)

Bad Action (2016)

Super Con (2017)
Finalist 2018 Barry Award for Best Paperback

Jon Lancaster, a retired private detective and ex–Navy SEAL, and Beth Daniels, an FBI agent and former abduction victim, in southern Florida:

The King Tides (2018)
Finalist 2019 Barry Award for Best Thriller

No Good Deed (2019)
Finalist 2020 Barry Award for Best Paperback Original Mystery/Crime Novel


The Man Who Walked Through Walls (1989)

Dark Magic (2012)

The Man Who Cheated Death (2012) [ebook]

Shadow People (2013)

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