Carsten Stroud
Nick Kavanaugh, a cop with a dark side, and his wife, Kate, a distinguished lawyer from an old southern Niceville family:

Niceville (2012)
Finalist 2013 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

The Homecoming (2013)

The Reckoning (2015)

Non-series crime fiction:

Sniper’s Moon (1990)
1991 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel

Lizardskin (1992)
1993 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Black Water Transit (2001) [review]

Cuba Strait (2002)
APA: Black Moon (2004)

Cobraville (2004)

The Shimmer (2018)


The Blue Wall: Street Cops in Canada (1983)

Close Pursuit: A Week in the Life of a New York Homicide Cop (1987)

Contempt of Court (1992)

Deadly Force: In the Streets with the U.S. Marshals (1996)

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