Bart Spicer
Albert Samuel Spicer
Carney Wilde, a private investigator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

The Dark Light (1949)
Finalist 1950 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Blues for the Prince (1950)

Black Sheep, Run (1951)

The Golden Door (1951)

The Long Green (1952)
APA: Shadow of Fear (1953)

The Taming of Carney Wilde (1954)

Exit, Running (1959)

Benson Kellogg, a lawyer who inherits a town in New Mexico, and fights to save it:

Act of Anger (1962)

Kellogg Junction (1969)

Col. Peregrine White, wounded in the Korean War and retired to Mexico, called in by the FBI to fight communists:

The Day of the Dead (1955)

The Burned Man (1966)


The Adversary (1974)

Written as Jay Barbette, joint pseudonym with wife Betty Coe Spicer [1913?-1994?]
Harry Butten, a newspaper reporter:

Final Copy (1950)

Dear, Dead Days (1953)
APA: Death’s Long Shadow (1955)

The Deadly Doll (1958)

Look Behind You (1960)

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