Nancy Spain
Nancy Brooker Spain
Johnny DuVivien, an Australian former wrestler, nightclub owner, and amateur sleuth, mostly in England; and later Miriam Birdseye, an actress and owner of the Birdseye et Cie detective agency, in England and aboard ship:

Poison in Play1 (1945)

Death Before Wicket1 (1945)

Murder, Bless It!1 (1948)

Death Goes on Skis2 (1949)

Poison for Teacher2 (1949)

Cinderella Goes to the Morgue3 (1950)
APA: Minutes to Midnight (1978)

R in the Month3 (1950)

Not Wanted On Voyage3 (1951)

Out, Damned Tot!3 (1952)


The Kat Strikes (1955)


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