George R. Sims
George Robert Sims

The Social Kaleidoscope. First Series (1879) [SS]

Zeph and Other Stories (1880) [SS]

The Social Kaleidoscope. Second Series (1881) [SS]

The Theatre of Life (1881) [SS]

Three Brass Balls (1882) [SS]

Rogues and Vagabonds (1885)

Stories in Black and White (1885) [SS]

The Ring o’ Bells (1886) [SS]

Mary Jane’s Memoirs (1887) [SS]

Mary Jane Married (1888) [SS]

Tales of Today (1889) [SS]

The Case of George Candlemas (1890)

Dramas of Life (1890) [SS]

A Missing Husband and Other Tales (1890) [SS]

Tinkletop’s Crime and Other Tales (1891) [SS]

Memoirs of a Landlady (1894) [SS]

My Two Wives and Other Stories (1894) [SS]

Scenes from the Show (1895) [SS]

As It Was in the Beginning (1896) [SS]

The Ten Commandments (1896) [SS]

The Coachman’s Club; or, Tales Told Out of School (1897) [SS]

Dorcas Dene, Detective (1897) [SS]

Dorcas Dene, Detective: Second Series (1898) [SS]

Once Upon a Christmas Time (1898) [SS]

In London’s Heart (1900)

The Small-Part Lady, and Other Stories (1900) [SS]

A Blind Marriage, and Other Stories (1901) [SS]

Biographs of Babylon (1902) [SS]

The Life We Live (1904) [SS]

Young Mrs. Caudle (1904)

Li Ting of London and Other Stories (1905) [SS]

For Life and After (1906)

The Mysteries of Modern London (1906) [SS]

His Wife’s Revenge (1907)

The Mystery of Mary Anne and Other Stories (1907) [SS]

Watches of the Night (1907) [SS]

The Devil in London (1908) [SS]

Joyce Pleasantry and Other Stories (1908) [SS]

The Death Gamble (1909) [SS]

The Cabinet Minister’s Wife and Other Tales (1910) [SS]

Off the Track in London (1911)

Behind the Veil (1913) [SS]

Anna of the Underworld (1916)

Detective Inspector Chance (1973) [SS]


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