John Sherwood
Charles Blessington, an elderly civil servant in post-World War II England:

The Disappearance of Dr. Bruderstein (1949)
APA: Dr. Bruderstein Vanishes (1949)

Mr. Blessington’s Plot (1951)
APA: Mr. Blessington’s Imperialist Plot (99999999)

Ambush for Anatol (1952)
APA: Murder of a Mistress (1954) [abridged]

Two Died in Singapore (1954)

Vote Against Poison (1956)

Celia Grant, a botanist and horticulturist in London, England:

Green Trigger Fingers (1984)

A Botanist at Bay (1985)

The Mantrap Garden (1986)

Flowers of Evil (1987)

Menacing Groves (1988)

A Bouquet of Thorns (1989)

The Sunflower Plot (1990)

The Hanging Garden (1992)

Creeping Jenny (1993)

Bones Gather No Moss (1994)

Shady Borders (1996)


Undiplomatic Exit (1958)
Finalist 1958 Crossed Red Herrings Award

The Half Hunter (1961)
APA: The Sleuth and the Liar (1961)

Honesty Will Get You Nowhere (1977)

The Limericks of Lachasse (1978)

The Hour of the Hyenas (1979)

A Shot in the Arm (1982)
APA: Death at the BBC (1983)
Finalist 1982 Gold Dagger Award

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