Mark Schweizer
Hayden Konig, the police chief, and choir director and organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, in the Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina:

The Alto Wore Tweed (2002) [review]

The Baritone Wore Chiffon (2004)

The Tenor Wore Tapshoes (2005)
Finalist 2006 Dilys Award

The Soprano Wore Falsettos (2006)

The Bass Wore Scales (2007)

The Mezzo Wore Mink (2008)

The Diva Wore Diamonds (2009)

The Organist Wore Pumps (2010)

The Countertenor Wore Garlic (2011)

The Christmas Cantata (2011)

The Treble Wore Trouble (2012)

The Cantor Wore Crinolines (2013)

The Maestro Wore Mohair (2015)

The Lyric Wore Lycra (2018)

The Choir Director Wore Out (2018)


Dear Priscilla (2011)


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