Angela M. Sanders
Joanna Hayworth, a vintage clothing store owner, in Portland, Oregon, in the Vintage Clothing mysteries:

The Lanvin Murders (2014)

Dior or Die (2014)

Slain in Schiaparelli (2015)

The Halston Hit (2016)

Head Case (2018)

Secret of the Blue Lily (2020)

A ragtag bunch of former petty criminals in a retirement home, in the Booster Club Capers:

The Booster Club (2015)

Cat in a Bag (2017)

Josie Way, formerly working at the Library of Congress, with newly discovered magical abilities, as the new librarian in fictional Wilfred, Oregon:

Bait and Witch (2020)

Written as Clover Tate
Emmy Adler, owner of a kite shop, in the beachside community of Rock Point, Oregon:

Blown Away (2017)

Live and Let Fly (2017)

Wuthering Kites (2018)

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