Phil Rickman
Merrily Watkins, an Anglican priest and single mom, near the Welsh border, in northeast Herefordshire, England:

The Wine of Angels (1998)

Midwinter of the Spirit (1999)

Crown of Lights (2001)

The Cure of Souls (2001)

Lamp of the Wicked (2002)

Prayer of the Night Shepherd (2004)

The Smile of a Ghost (2005)

The Remains of an Altar (2006)

The Fabric of Sin (2007)

To Dream of the Dead (2008)

The Secrets of Pain (2011)

The Magus of Hay (2013)

The House of Susan Lulham (2014)

Friends of the Dusk (2015)

Friends of the Dusk (2015)

All of a Winter’s Night (2017)

Nights of the Lingering Ghost (2022)
APA: For the Hell of It (2021) [ebook]

Dr. John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth, in 1560s London, England, in the John Dee Papers paranormal thrillers:

The Bones of Avalon (2010)

The Heresy of Dr. Dee (2012)

Non-series horror-thrillers:

Candle Night (1991)

Crybbe (1993)
APA: Curfew (1993)

The Man in the Moss (1994)

December (1994)

The Chalice (1997)

Night After Night (2014)

Written as Will Kingdom
Series horror-thrillers set on English-Welsh border:

The Cold Calling (1998)

Mean Spirit (2001)

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