Neil Plakcy
Kimo Kanapa’aka, a gay police detective in Honolulu, Hawaii:

Mahu (2005)

Mahu Surfer (2007)

Mahu Fire (2008)

Kimo Kanapa’aka: Mahu Men (2008)

Mahu Vice (2009)

Mahu Blood (2011)

Zero Break (2012)

Natural Predators (2013)


Children of Noah (2015)

Liam McCullough and Aidan Greene, bodyguards in the “Have Body, Will Guard” gay romantic suspense series:

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert (2009)

Dancing with the Tide (2010)

Teach Me Tonight (2011)

Olives for the Stranger (2012)

Golden retriever mysteries:

In Dog We Trust (2011)

The Kingdom of Dog (2011)

Dog Helps Those (2012)

Angus Green, a gay rookie FBI special agent in South Florida:

The Next One Will Kill You (2016)


Genie for Hire (2013)


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