Judson Philips
Judson Pentecost Philips
Danny Coyle, a gambler and his assistant, Donovan:

Odds on the Hot Seat (1941)

The Fourteenth Trump (1942)

Peter Styles, an investigative reporter:

The Laughter Trap (1964)

The Black Glass City (1965)

The Twisted People (1965)

The Wings of Madness (1966)

Thursday’s Folly (1967)

Hot Summer Killing (1968)

Nightmare at Dawn (1970)

Escape a Killer (1971)

The Vanishing Senator (1972)

The Larkspur Conspiracy (1973)

The Power Killers (1974)

Walk a Crooked Mile (1975)

Backlash (1976)

Five Roads to Death (1977)

A Murder Arranged (1978)

Why Murder? (1979)

Death Is a Dirty Trick (1980)

Death as the Curtain Rises (1981)

Target for Tragedy (1982)

Carole Trevor, a private investigator, and her ex-husband, Max Blythe:

The Death Syndicate (1938)

Death Delivers a Postcard (1939)


Red War1 (1936)

Murder in Marble (1940)

Killer on the Catwalk (1959)

Whisper Town (1960)

Murder Clear, Track Fast (1961)

A Dead Ending (1962)

The Dead Can’t Love (1963)

Mystery at a Country Inn2 (1979)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Luke Bradley:

Cancelled in Red (1939)

The 24th Horse (1940

I’ll Sing at Your Funeral (1942)

The Brass Chills (1943)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Pierre Chambrun, the resident manager of the Hotel Beaumont in New York City:

The Cannibal Who Overate (1962)

The Shape of Fear (1964)

The Evil That Men Do (1966)

The Golden Trap (1967)

The Gilded Nightmare (1968)

Girl Watcher’s Funeral (1969)

The Deadly Joke (1971)

Birthday, Deathday (1972)

Walking Dead Man (1973)

Bargain with Death (1974)

Time of Terror (1975)

The Fourteen Dilemma (1976)

Death after Breakfast (1978)

Random Killer (1979)

Beware Young Lovers (1980)

Murder in Luxury (1981)

With Intent to Kill (1982)

Murder in High Places (1983)

Remember to Kill Me (1984)

Murder Round the Clock: Pierre Chambrun’s Crime File (1985) [SS]

Nightmare Time (1986)

Murder Goes Round and Round (1988)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
George Crowder, an attorney:

Choice of Violence (1961)

Around Dark Corners (1970) [SS]

The Copycat Killers (1983)

The Price of Silence (1984)

Murder Sweet and Sour (1985)

Death by Fire (1986)

Pattern for Terror (1990)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
John Jericho, an artist and crusader:

Sniper (1965)

Hide Her from Every Eye (1966)

The Creeping Hours (1966)

Dead Woman of the Year (1967)

The Girl with Six Fingers (1969)

A Plague of Violence (1970)

The Battles of Jericho (2008) [SS 1964-1976]

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Lieutenant Pascal, in New York City:

Tastes in Homicide (1954) [novellas]

Only the Rich Die Young (1964)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Julian Quist, a public relations genius:

Don’t Drop Dead Tomorrow (1971)

The Champagne Killer (1972)

The Beautiful Dead (1973)

The Judas Freak (1974)

Honeymoon with Death (1975)

Die After Dark (1976)

The Steel Palace (1977)

Deadly Trap (1978)

The Homicidal Horse (1979)

Death Mask (1980)

Sow Death, Reap Death (1981)

Past, Present, and Murder (1982)
1982 Nero Award

Murder Out of Wedlock (1983)

Substitute Victim (1984)

The Party Killer (1985)

Kill and Kill Again (1987)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Grant Simon:

The Obituary Club (1958)

The Lonely Target (1959)

Written as Hugh Pentecost
Dr. John Smith:

Memory of Murder (1947) [novellas]

Where the Snow Was Red (1949)

Shadow of Madness (1950)

Written as Hugh Pentecost

Cat and Mouse (1945)

The Dead Man’s Tale (1945)

Secret Corridors (1945) [SS]

Death Wears a Copper Necktie (1946) [SS]

Chinese Nightmare (1951)

The Assassins (1955)

The Kingdom of Death (1960)

The Deadly Friend (1961)

The Tarnished Angel (1963)

The Day the Children Vanished (1976)

Murder as Usual (1977)

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