Gail Oust
Kate McCall, a retiree and her band of amateur sleuths at Serenity Cove Estates, South Carolina, in the Bunco Babes mysteries:

Whack ’n’ Roll (2009)
APA: Murder Is Dicey (2015) [ebook]

’Til Dice Do Us Part (2010)
APA: Roll Over and Play Dead (2015) [ebook]

Shake, Murder, and Roll (2011)
APA: Death Rolls the Dice (2015) [ebook]

The Twelve Dice of Christmas (2018) [ebook]

Piper Prescott, a transplanted Yankee running a spice shop, in fictional Brandywine Creek, Georgia, in the Spice Shop mysteries:

Rosemary and Crime (2013)

Kill ’em with Cayenne (2014)

Cinnamon Toasted (2015)

Curried Away (2016)

Ginger Snapped (2017)

Romantic suspense, written as Elizabeth Turner:

Just Before Daybreak (2003)


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