William F. Nolan
Bart Challis, a hard-boiled private investigator, and his half-brother Nick, in Los Angeles, California:

Death Is for Losers (1968)

The White Cad Cross-Up (1969)

Helle on Wheels (1992) [novella]

The Brothers Challis [SS] (1996)

Sam Space, a private eye on Mars:

Space for Hire (1971) (revised 1985)
Finalist 1972 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Look Out for Space (1985)

3 For Space [SS] (1992)

Far Out: The Incredible Adventures of Sam Space (2005) [omnibus, limited edition]

The Black Mask Boys, 1930s detective heroes in California:

The Black Mask Murders (1994)

The Marble Orchard (1996)
APA: Raymond Chandler in the Marble Orchard (2002)

Sharks Never Sleep (1998)


Down the Long Night [SS] (2000)


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