Chris Nickson
Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, in 1730s England:

The Broken Token (2010) [review]

Cold Cruel Winter (2011)

The Constant Lovers (2012)

Come the Fear (2012)

At the Dying of the Year (2013)

Fair and Tender Ladies (2013)

Free from All Danger (2017) [US due February 1, 2018]

John, an itinerant carpenter orphaned by the Black Death, in 1360s Chesterfield, England:

The Crooked Spire (2014)

The Saltergate Psalter (2016)

The Holywell Dead (2017) [US due February 1, 2018]

Laura Benton, a music journalist beginning in late 1980s Seattle, Washington [ebooks]:

Emerald City (2013)

West Seattle Blues (2014)

Tom Harper, a detective inspector in 1890s Leeds, England:

Gods of Gold (2014)

Two Bronze Pennies (2015)

Skin like Silver (2016)

The Iron Water (2016)

On Copper Street (2017)

Dan Markham, an enquiry agent in mid-1950s Leeds, England:

Dark Briggate Blues (2015)

The New Eastgate Swing (2016)

Lottie Armstrong, beginning as a police constable in 1924, then in 1944, in Leeds, England:

Modern Crimes (2016)

The Year of the Gun (2017) [US due February 1, 2018]