Magdalen Nabb
Salvatore Guarnaccia, a marshal in the Italian Carabinieri in Florence, Italy:

Death of an Englishman (1981)
Finalist 1981 New Blood Dagger Award

Death of a Dutchman (1982)

Death in Springtime (1983)

Death in Autumn (1984)

The Marshal and the Murderer (1987)

The Marshal and the Madwoman (1988)

The Marshal’s Own Case (1990)

The Marshal Makes His Report (1991)

The Marshal at the Villa Torrini (1994)

The Monster of Florence (1995)

Property of Blood (2001)

Some Bitter Taste (2002)

The Innocent (2005)

Vita Nuova (2008)

Non-series written with with Paolo Vagheggi:

The Prosecutor (1986)


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