Julie Mulhern
Ellison Russell, an artist with a philandering husband, in the country club set in mid-1970s Kansas City, Missouri, in the Country Club Murders series:

The Deep End (2014)

Guaranteed To Bleed (2015)

Clouds in My Coffee (2016)

Send in the Clowns (2016)

Watching the Detectives (2017)

Cold as Ice (2017)

Shadow Dancing (2018)

Back Stabbers (2018)

Telephone Line (2019)

Stayin’ Alive (2020)

Killer Queen (2020)

Night Moves (2021)

Lyin’ Eyes (2021)

Evil Woman (2022) [ebook]

Poppy Fields, a social influencer and super-secret spy, in Hollywood, California:

Fields’ Guide to Abduction (2018)

Fields’ Guide to Assassins (2018)

Fields’ Guide to Voodoo (2019)

Fields’ Guide to Fog (2019)

Fields’ Guide to Pharaohs (2020)

Fields’ Guide to Dirty Money (2020)

Fields’ Guide to Smuggling (2021)


A Haunting Desire (2015)


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