M.R.D. Meek
Margaret Reid Duncan Meek
Lennox Kemp, a disbarred solicitor working as a detective, in London England:

With Flowers That Fell (1983)

The Sitting Ducks (1984)

Hang the Consequences (1984)

The Split Second (1985)

In Remembrance of Rose (1986)

A Worm of Doubt (1987)

A Mouthful of Sand (1988)

A Loose Connection (1989)

This Blessed Plot (1990)

Touch and Go (1993)

Postscript to Murder (1996)

If You Go Down to the Woods (2001)

The Vanishing Point (2003)

Kemp’s Last Case (2004)

Written as Alison Cairns
Toby Wilde:

Strained Relations (1983)

New Year Resolution (1984)

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