Lorena McCourtney
The Julesburg, Oregon, mysteries:

Whirlpool (2002)

Riptide (2002)

Undertow (2003)

Ivy Malone, a little old lady who uses her inconspicuousness in her sleuthing:

Invisible (2004)

In Plain Sight (2005)

On the Run (2006)

Stranded (2006)

Andi McConnell, who turns 60, loses her job, and inherits a limousine:

Your Chariot Awaits (2007)

Here Comes the Ride (2010) [ebook]

Cate Kinkaid, a fledgling private investigator in Eugene, Oregon, in The Cate Kinkaid Files:

Dying to Read (2012)

Dolled Up to Die (2013)

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