Stuart M. Kaminsky

Toby Peters, a 1940s Hollywood P.I. in Los Angeles, California:

Bullet for a Star (1977)

Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (1978)

You Bet Your Life (1979)

The Howard Hughes Affair (1979)

Never Cross a Vampire (1980)

High Midnight (1981)

Catch a Falling Clown (1982)

He Done Her Wrong (1983)

The Fala Factor (1984)

Down for the Count (1985)

The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance (1986)

Smart Moves (1987)

Think Fast, Mr. Peters (1988)

Buried Caesars (1989)

Poor Butterfly (1990)
Finalist 1991 Shamus Award for Best Novel

The Melting Clock (1991)

The Devil Met a Lady (1993)

Tomorrow Is Another Day (1995)

Dancing in the Dark (1996)

A Fatal Glass of Beer (1997)

A Few Minutes Past Midnight (2001)

To Catch a Spy (2002)

Mildred Pierced (2003)

Now You See It (2004)

Porfiry Rostnikov, police inspector in Moscow, Russia:

Death of a Dissident (1981)
APA: Rostnikov’s Corpse (1981)

Black Knight in Red Square (1983)
Finalist 1985 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Red Chameleon (1985)

A Fine Red Rain (1987)

A Cold Red Sunrise (1988)
1989 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Man Who Walked Like a Bear (1990)

Rostnikov’s Vacation (1991)

Death of a Russian Priest (1992)

Hard Currency (1995)

Blood and Rubles (1996)

Tarnished Icons (1997)
Finalist 1998 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Dog Who Bit a Policeman (1998)

Fall of a Cosmonaut (2000)

Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express (2001)

The People Who Walk in Darkness (2008)

A Whisper to the Living (2010)

Abe Lieberman, 60-something Jewish police detective in Chicago, Illinois:

Lieberman’s Folly (1990)

Lieberman’s Choice (1993)

Lieberman’s Day (1994)

Lieberman’s Thief (1995)

Lieberman’s Law (1996)

The Big Silence (2000)

Not Quite Kosher1 (2002)

The Last Dark Place (2004)

Terror Town (2006)

The Dead Don’t Lie (2007)

Lew Fonesca, a down and out process server in Sarasota, Florida:

Vengeance (1999)

Retribution (2001)

Midnight Pass (2003)

Denial (2005)

Always Say Goodbye (2006)

Bright Futures1 (2009)

James Rockford, a low-rent detective in Los Angeles, California:

The Green Bottle (1996)

Devil on My Doorstep (1998)

Based on the TV series, CSI: New York:

Dead of Winter (2005)

Blood on the Sun (2006)

Deluge (2007)

Exercise in Terror (1985) When the Dark Man Calls2 (1993)

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