Anthony Horowitz
Sherlock Holmes mysteries sanctioned by the Conan Doyle estate:

The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel (2011) [review]
Finalist 2012 Macavity Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2012 Nero Award

Moriarty (2014)

Anthony Horowitz, a celebrated novelist, and Daniel Hawthorne, a disgraced yet brilliant detective inspector, working together to turn real life cases into books:

The Word Is Murder (2017)

The Sentence Is Death (2018) [review]

James Bond continuations:

Trigger Mortis (2015)

Forever and a Day (2018)
Finalist 2019 Barry Award for Best Thriller


The Killing Joke (2004)

Magpie Murders (2017) [review]
2018 Macavity Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2018 Anthony Award for Best Novel
Finalist 2018 Barry Award for Best Novel

Tim Diamond, the world’s worst detective, and his brainy younger brother Nick, in the Diamond Brothers novellas for children:

The Falcon’s Malteser (1986)
APA: Just Ask for Diamond (1988)

Public Enemy Number Two (1987)

South by Southeast (1991)

The French Confection1,2 (2003)

The Blurred Man1,2 (2003)

I Know What You Did Last Wednesday1,2 (2003)

The Greek Who Stole Christmas2 (2007)

Alex Rider, the teenage nephew of a former British secret agent [YA]:

Stormbreaker3 (2000)

Point Blanc4 (2001)

Skeleton Key5 (2002)

Eagle Strike6 (2003)

Scorpia7 (2004)

Ark Angel (2005)

Snakehead (2007)

Crocodile Tears (2010)

Scorpia Rising (2011)

Russian Roulette (2013) [prequel]

Never Say Die (2017)

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