Anne Hocking
Mona Naomi Messer
William Austen, a chief inspector, later Superintendent, at Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Ill Deeds Done (1938)

The Little Victims Play (1938)

Old Mrs. Fitzgerald (1939)
APA: Deadly Is the Evil Tongue (1940)

So Many Doors (1939)

The Wicked Flee (1940)

Miss Milverton (1941)
APA: Poison Is a Bitter Brew (1942)

Night’s Candles (1941)

One Shall Be Taken (1942)

Nile Green (1943)
APA: Death Loves a Shining Mark (1943)

Six Green Bottles (1943)

The Vultures Gather (1945)

Death at the Wedding (1946)

Prussian Blue (1947)
APA: The Finishing Touch (1947)

At “The Cedars” (1949)

Death Disturbs Mr. Jefferson (1950)

Mediterranean Murder (1951)
APA: Killing Kin (1951)

The Best Laid Plans (1952)

There’s Death in the Cup (1952)
APA: Death in the Cup (1984)

Death Among The Tulips (1953)

The Evil That Men Do (1953)

And No One Wept (1954)

Poison in Paradise (1955)

A Reason for Murder (1955)

Murder at Mid-Day (1956)

Relative Murder (1957)

The Simple Way of Poison (1957)

Epitaph for a Nurse (1958)
APA: A Victim Must Be Found (1959)

Poisoned Chalice (1959)

To Cease upon the Midnight (1959)

The Thin-Spun Life (1960)

Candidates for Murder (1961)

He Had To Die (1962)

Murder Cries Out (1968)


Cat’s Paw (1933)

Death Duel (1933)

Walk into My Parlour (1934)

The Hunt Is Up (1934)

Without the Option (1935)

The House of En-Dor (1936)

Stranglehold (1936)

As I Was Going to St. Ives (1937)

What a Tangled Web (1937)

Writen as Mona Messer (real name):

A Castle for Sale (1930)

Mouse Trap (1931)