David Hewson
Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni, police detectives in Rome, Italy:

A Season for the Dead (2003)

The Villa of Mysteries (2004)

The Sacred Cut (2005)

The Lizard’s Bite (2006)

The Seventh Sacrament (2007)

The Garden of Evil (2008)

Dante’s Numbers (2008)
APA: The Dante Killings (2010)

The Blue Demon (2009)
APA: City of Fear (2010)

The Fallen Angel (2011)

The Savage Shore (2018)

Pieter Vos, a former police detective whose daughter disappeared, in Amsterdam, Holland:

The House of Dolls (2014)

Tristan Haraldsen, a part-time district sheriff on the Faroe island of Vágar:

Devil’s Fjord (2019)

Novelizations of the Danish TV series set in Copenhagen:

The Killing (2012)

The Killing II (2013)

The Killing III (2014)

Arnold Clover, a retired archivist assisting the Carabinieri, in the Venetian mysteries:

The Medici Murders (2022)

The Borgia Portrait (2023)


Semana Santa (1996)
APA: Death in Seville (2010)

Epiphany (1996)

Solstice (1999)

Native Rites (2000)

Lucifer’s Shadow (2001)
APA: The Cemetery of Secrets (2009)

The Promised Land (2007)

Carnival for the Dead1 (2012)

Macbeth: A Novel (2012)
[written with A.J. Hartley]

The Flood (2013)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel (2014) [ebook, written with A.J. Hartley]

The Wrong Girl (2015)

The Garden of Angels (2021)

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