Peg Herring
Elizabeth Tudor, and her friend Simon Maldon, amateur sleuths during the reign of her father Henry VIII, in London, England, in the Simon & Elizabeth mysteries:

Her Highness’ First Murder (2010)

Poison, Your Grace (2011)

The Lady Flirts with Death (2013)

Her Majesty’s Mischief (2015)

The Dead Detective mysteries:

The Dead Detective Agency (2011)

Dead for the Money (2012)

Loser, a homeless woman on the streets of Richmond, Virginia:

Killing Silence (2012)

Killing Memories (2013)

Killing Despair (2014)


Shakespeare’s Blood (2007) [ebook]

Macbeth’s Niece (2008)

Go Home and Die (2010, revised 2012) [ebook]

Somebody Doesn’t Like Sarah Leigh (2011) [ebook]

A Lethal Time and Place (2013) [ebook]

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