Karen Harper
Elizabeth I in 1500s England:

The Poyson Garden (1999)

The Tidal Poole (2000)

The Twylight Tower (2001)

The Queene’s Cure (2002)

The Thorne Maze (2003)

The Queene’s Christmas (2003)

The Fyre Mirror (2005)

The Fatal Fashione (2005)

The Hooded Hawke (2007)

The Maplecreek Amish Trilogy:

Dark Road Home (2004)

Dark Harvest (2004)

Dark Angel (2005)
2006 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Sarah Kauffman, an artist who paints murals on barns in her Amish community, and Nate MacKensie, an Ohio state arson inspector, in the Home Valley Amish series:

Fall from Pride (2011)


Non-series romantic suspense:

Empty Cradle (1998)

Baby Farm (1999)

Down to the Bone (2000)

Shaker Run (2001)

The Stone Forest (2002)
Finalist 2003 Mary Higgins Clark Award

The Falls (2003)

Hurricane (2006)

Inferno (2007)
Finalist 2008 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Below the Surface (2008)

The Hiding Place (2008)

Down River (2010)
Finalist 2011 Mary Higgins Clark Award