Sophie Hannah
Simon Waterhouse, a detective constable, and Charlie (Charlotte) Zailer, a detective sergeant, in rural England, in the Spilling CID series:

Little Face (2006) [review]

Hurting Distance (2007)
APA: The Truth Teller’s Lie (2010)

The Point of Rescue (2008)
APA: The Wrong Mother (2009)

The Other Half Lives (2009)
APA: The Dead Lie Down (2010)
Finalist 2011 Barry Award for Best Paperback

A Room Swept White (2010)
APA: The Cradle in the Grave (2011)

Lasting Damage (2011)
APA: The Other Woman’s House (2012)
Finalist 2013 Barry Award for Best Paperback

Kind of Cruel (2012)

The Carrier (2013)

The Telling Error (2014)
APA: Woman with a Secret (2015)

The Narrow Bed (2016)
APA: The Next To Die (2019)

The Couple at the Table (2022)

Hercule Poirot, a Belgian private detective in London, England, created by Agatha Christie, in a followup series authorized by Christie’s family:

The Monogram Murders (2014) [review]

Closed Casket (2016)

The Mystery of Three Quarters (2018)

The Killings at Kingfisher Hill (2020)

Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night (2023)


The Fantastic Book of Everybody’s Secrets (2008) [SS]

Something Untoward: Six Tales of Domestic Terror (2012) [ebook SS]

Pictures or It Didn’t Happen (2015) [Quickreads]

A Game for All the Family (2015)

Keep Her Safe (2017)
APA: Did You See Melody? (2017)

Perfect Little Children (2019)

Other fiction:

Gripless (1999)

Cordial and Corrosive (2000)

The Superpower of Love (2001)

The Orphan Choir (2013)


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