Frank Gruber
Johnny Fletcher, a traveling con-artist and promoter, and his strongman sidekick Sam Cragg:

The French Key (1940)
APA: The French Key Mystery (1942)
APA: Once Over Deadly (1956)

The Laughing Fox (1940)

The Hungry Dog (1941)
APA: The Hungry Dog Murders (1943)
APA: Die Like a Dog (1057)

The Navy Colt (1941)

The Talking Clock (1941)

The Gift Horse (1942)

The Mighty Blockhead (1942)
APA: The Corpse Moved Upstairs (1964)

The Silver Tombstone (1945)
APA: The Silver Tombstone Mystery (1959)

The Honest Dealer (1947)

The Whispering Master (1947)

The Scarlet Feather (1948)
APA: The Gamecock Murders (1949)

The Leather Duke (1949)
APA: A Job of Murder (1950)

The Limping Goose (1954)
APA: Murder One (1973)

Swing Low, Swing Dead (1964)

Simon Lash, an ornery ex-soldier and ex-lawyer, in Los Angeles, California:

Simon Lash, Private Detective (1941)
APA: Simon Lash, Detective (1943)

The Buffalo Box (1942)

Murder 97 (1948)
APA: The Long Arm of Murder (1956)
Otis Beagle, a flashy private detective:

The Silver Jackass (1941) [written as Charles K. Boston]

Beagle Scented Murder (1946)
APA: Market for Murder (1947)

The Lonesome Badger (1954)
APA: Mood for Murder (1956)

The Last Doorbell (1941) [written as John K. Vedder]
APA: Kiss the Boss Goodbye (1954) [under real name]

The Yellow Overcoat ((1942) [written as Stephen Acre]
APA: Fall Guy for a Killer (1955) [under real name]

The Fourth Letter (1947)

The Lock and the Key (1948)
APA: Too Tough to Die (1954)
APA: Run Thief Run (1955)

Twenty Plus Two (1961)

Brothers of Silence (1962)

Bridge of Sand (1963)

The Greek Affair (1964)

Little Hercules (1965)

Run, Fool, Run (1966)

Brass Knuckles (1966) [SS]

The Twilight Man (1967)

The Gold Gap (1968)

The Etruscan Bull (1969)

The Spanish Prisoner (1969)

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