Layton Green
Daniel Layton Greening
Dominic Grey, a diplomatic security agent and private investigator, and Professor Viktor Radek, an expert on cult:

The Summoner (2011)

The Egyptian (2013)

The Diabolist (2013)

The Shadow Cartel (2015)

The Reaper’s Game (2016)

The Resurrector (2017)
Finalist 2018 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Joe “Preach” Everson, a prison chaplain turned police officer, leaving Atlanta after a mental breakdown to return home to Creekville, North Carolina:

Written in Blood (2017)

Filmed in Blood (2019)

Andromeda "Andie" Robertson, an astrophysics PhD candidate, and Cal Miller, an investigative reporter, following clues around the world in search of a mysterious device invented by Andie’s mentor, the famous physicist Dr. James Corwin:

Unknown 9: Genesis (2020)
Finalist 2021 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Unknown 9: Revelation (2021)


The Metaxy Project (2014)

The Letterbox (2016)

Other fiction
The Blackwood brothers fantasy quest saga:

The Brothers Three (2017)

The Spirit Mage (2017)

The Last Cleric (2018)

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