Bruce Graeme
Graham Montague Jeffries
William Stevens, a Scotland Yard inspector in London, England, and Pierre Allain, an agent in the Sûreté in Paris, France:

A Murder of Some Importance (1931)

The Imperfect Crime (1932)

Epilogue (1933)

An International Affair (1934)

Satan’s Mistress (1935)

Not Proven (1935)

Mystery on the Queen Mary (1937)

The Man from Michigan (1938)
APA: The Mystery of the Stolen Hats (1939)

Body Unknown (1939)

Poisoned Sleep (1939)

The Corporal Died in Bed Being the Swan-Song of Pierre Allain (1940)

Encore Allain! (1941)

News Travels by Night (1943)

Theodore Terhune, a young bookseller in a quiet little town in England:

Seven Clues in Search of a Crime (1941)

House with Crooked Walls (1942)

A Case for Solomon (1943)

Work for the Hangman (1944)

Ten Trails to Tyburn (1944)

And a Bottle of Rum (1949)

Dead Pigs at Hungry Farm (1951)

Auguste Jantry:

A Case of Books (1946)

Cherchez la Femme (1951)

Lady in Black (1952)

Robert Mather, a detective sergeant with the Bretton Police, in England:

The Quiet Ones (1970)

Two and Two Make Five (1973)

The D Notice (1974)

The Snatch (1976)

Two-Faced (1977)

Double Trouble (1978)

Mather Again (1979)

Invitation to Mather (1980)

Mather Investigates (1980)

Richard Verrell, known as Blackshirt,1 a self-educated foundling who becomes a respected mystery author, and burgles for the fun of it, in England:

Blackshirt (1925, rev’d 1930) [SS]

The Return of Blackshirt (1927) [SS]

Blackshirt Again (1929) [SS]
APA: Adventures of Blackshirt (1929)

Alias Blackshirt (1932) [SS]

Blackshirt the Audacious (1935) [SS]

Blackshirt the Adventurer (1936) [SS]

Blackshirt Takes a Hand (1937) [SS]

Blackshirt Counter-Spy (1938) [SS]

Blackshirt Interferes (1939) [SS]

Blackshirt Strikes Back (1940) [SS]

A Brief for O’Leary and Two Other Episodes in His Career (1947) [SS]

Written as David Graeme
Monsieur Blackshirt, Richard Verrell’s 17th-century ancestor in France:

Monsieur Blackshirt (1933)

The Vengeance of Monsieur Blackshirt (1934)

The Sword of Monsieur Blackshirt (1936)

The Inn of Thirteen Swords (1938)

The Drums Beat Red (1963)

Anthony Verrell, Richard’s son, and an RAF pilot known as Lord Blackshirt, in an imagined post-war England::

Son of Blackshirt (1941) [SS]

Lord Blackshirt: The Son of Blackshirt Carries On (1942) [SS]

Calling Lord Blackshirt (1943) [SS]


La Belle Laurine (1926)
APA: Laurine (rev’d 1935)

The Trail of the White Knight (1926)

Hate Ship (1928)

Trouble! (1929)

Through the Eyes of the Judge (1930)

The Penance of Brother Alaric (1930)

Unsolved (1931)

Gigins Court (1932)

Impeached! (1933)

Public Enemy--No. 1 (1934)
APA: John Jenkin, Public Enemy (1935)

Madame Spy (1935)

Cardyce for the Defence (1936)

Disappearance of Roger Tremayne (1937)

Racing Yacht Mystery (1938)

Thirteen in a Fog (1940)

The Coming of Carew: A Fantasy in Crime (1945)

Without Malice (1946)

No Clues for Dexter (1948)

Tigers Have Claws (1949)

Mr. Whimset Buys a Gun (1953)

Suspense (1953)

The Way Out (1954)

So Sharp the Razor (1955)

Just an Ordinary Case (1956)

The Accidental Clue (1957)

Naked Tide (1958) [written as Roderic Hastings]

The Long Night (1958)

Boomerang (1959)

Fog for a Killer (1960)

The Undetective (1962)

Almost without Murder (1963)

Holiday for a Spy (1963)

Always Expect the Unexpected (1965)

The Devil Was a Woman (1966)

Much Ado About Something (1967)

Never Mix Business with Pleasure (1968)

Some Geese Lay Golden Eggs (1968)

Blind Date for a Private Eye (1969)

The Lady Doth Protest (1971)

Tomorrow’s Yesterday (1972)

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