Ed Gorman
Edward Joseph Gorman
Jack Dwyer, an ex-cop, part-time actor, and security guard, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Rough Cut (1985)

New, Improved Murder (1985)
Finalist 1986 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

Murder Straight Up (1986)

Murder in the Wings (1986)

The Autumn Dead (1987)
Finalist 1988 Shamus Award for Best Novel

A Cry of Shadows (1990)

Leo Guild, a 1980s bounty hunter in the western United States:

Guild (1987)

Death Ground (1988)

Blood Game (1989)

Dark Trail (1990)

Tobin, a hot-tempered movie critic in New York City:

Murder on the Aisle (1987)

Several Deaths Later (1988)

Robert Payne, a psychological profile investigator in New Hope, Iowa:

Blood Moon (1994)
APA: Blood Red Moon (1994)

Hawk Moon (1996)

Harlot’s Moon (1998)

Voodoo Moon (2000)

Sam McCain, an attorney in Black River Falls, Iowa:

The Day the Music Died (1999)

Wake Up Little Susie1 (2000)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2001)

Save the Last Dance for Me (2002)

Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (2002)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (2004)

Fools Rush In (2007)

Ticket To Ride (2009)

Bad Moon Rising (2011)

Riders on the Storm (2014)

Noah Ford, a military investigator for the Army in the post-Civil War US, in the Cavalry Man series:

The Killing Machine (2005)

Powder Keg (2006)

Doom Weapon (2007)

Dev Mallory, a Secret Service Agent in the post-Civil War US:

Bad Money (2005)

Shoot First (2006)

Fast Track (2006)

Dev Conrad, a political consultant in Chicago, Illinois:

Sleeping Dogs (2008)

Stranglehold (2010)

Blindside (2012)

Flashpoint (2013)

Elimination (2015)


Grave’s Retreat (1989)

Night Kills (1990)

Night of Shadows (1990)

What the Dead Men Say (1990)

The Night Remembers (1991)

Prisoners and Other Stories (1992) [SS]

Shadow Games (1993)
Finalist 1994 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Wolf Moon (1993)

Dark Whispers and Other Stories (1993) [SS]

The Marilyn Tapes (1995)
[written as E.J. Gorman]

The First Lady (1995)
[written as E.J. Gorman]

Out There in the Darkness (1995) [one SS]

Cages (1995) [SS]

Cold Blue Midnight (1996)

Black River Falls (1996)

Cage of Night (1996)

Moonchasers and Other Stories (1996) [SS]

Runner in the Dark (1996)

Senatorial Privilege (1997)
[written as E.J. Gorman]

The Silver Scream (1998)

Trouble Man (1998)

Daughter of Darkness (1998)
[written as E.J. Gorman]

The Poker Club (1999)

Famous Blue Raincoat (1999) [SS]

Such a Good Girl and Other Crime Stories (2001) [SS]

The Dark Fantastic (2001) [SS]

Rituals (2002)

Different Kinds of Dead and Other Tales (2006) [SS, some criminous]

A Knock at the Door (2007)

The Midnight Room (2009)

The End of It All: And Other Stories (2009) [SS]

Noir 13 (2010) [SS]

Scream Queen and Other Tales of Menace (2014) [SS]

Written as Daniel Ransom

Daddy’s Little Girl (1985)

Toys in the Attic (1986)

Night Caller (1987)

The Forsaken (1988)

The Babysitter (1989)

Nightmare Child (1990)

The Serpent’s Kiss (1992)

The Long Midnight (1992)

The Fugitive Stars (1995)

Zone Soldiers (1996)

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