Jonathan Goodman
Non-series crime fiction:

Instead of Murder (1961)

Criminal Tendencies (1964)

Hello Cruel World, Goodbye (1964)

The Last Sentence (1978)
Finalist 1978 Gold Dagger Award

True crime1:

The Killing of Julia Wallace (1969)

Bloody Versicles: Rhymes of Crime (1971)

Posts-Mortem: The Correspondence of Murder (1971)

The Trial of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley: The Moors Case (1973)
APA: The Moors Murders: The Trial of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (1986)

The Trial of Ruth Ellis (1974)

The Burning of Evelyn Foster (1977)

The Stabbing of George Harry Storrs (1983)

The Pleasures of Murder: Classic Stories of True Crime (1983)

Underworld (1985) [written with Ian Will]

Acts of Murder (1986)

The Slaying of Joseph Bowne Elwell (1987)

Murder in High Places (1987)

Murder in Low Places (1988)

The Vintage Car Murders (1988)

The Supernatural Murders: Classic True-crime Stories (1992)

The Daily Telepraph Murder File: The Startling Facts Behind a Century's Headlines (1993)

Murder High and Low (1994)

The Passing of Starr Faithfull (1995)

The Daily Telegraph Modern Murder File: Crimes That Shook the World (1995)

Tracks to Murder (2005)

Murder on Several Occasions (2007)


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