Donald Goines
Kenyatta, a small-time hoodlum rising to lead an organization devoted to eliminating white cops and ridding the ghetto of drugs and prostitution, in Detroit, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada1 :

Crime Partners (1974)

Death List (1974)

Kenyatta’s Escape (1974)

Kenyatta’s Last Hit (1975)

Non-series, mostly set in Detroit, Michigan:

Dopefiend: The Story of a Black Junkie (1971)

Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp (1972)

Black Gangster (1972, rev. ed. 1983)

Street Players (1973)

White Man’s Justice, Black Man’s Grief2 (1973)

Black Girl Lost (1973)

Cry Revenge!1 (1974)

Eldorado Red (1974)

Swamp Man (1974)

Never Die Alone (1974)

Daddy Cool (1974)

Inner City Hoodlum (1975)

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